Double Hung Windows

Lasting beauty, timeless style and unmatched performance make the Double Hung window the perfect choice.

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Slider Windows

The Energy Armor 100% virgin vinyl Slider windows are custom-crafted in two-lite or three-lite configurations to complement any home and taste

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Picture Windows

Modernize. Dramatize. Maximize. The Energy Armor Picture Window is the fresh, clutter-free way to create a clean, contemporary look

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Awning & Hopper Windows

Modernize. Dramatize. Maximize. The Energy Armor Picture Window is the fresh, clutter-free way to create a clean, contemporary look

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Welcome to Lincoln's EA Windows and Doors LLC

Energy Armor is a locally owned and operated company in Lincoln, NE. The owners, Mike Sweeney and Joni Ernst have a combined 27 years of window sales and management experience, all right here in Nebraska.

They opened their windows company when ArmaClad Windows and Doors from Chicago, Il., broached the owners with a great opportunity to bring their window and door products to the area. As ArmaClad has been manufacturing windows in the US for over a hundred years, Joni and Mike knew they had a great name and stable company to stand behind their venture.


Learn more in our company brochure.

Energy Armor boasts of the energy efficiency of their windows. The frame of the window is vinyl-clad and structurally reinforced to prevent any sagging, warping or bowing that hollow vinyl windows simply can't compete with, and not having to worry about scraping, puttying or painting ever again really makes wood windows pale in comparison as well.

The frame of the window has an R-Value of 25 and is made to order with wood grains or different color combinations. There are all different styles from Double Hung that tilt in for easy cleaning to Sliders, Casements, Bays and Bows.

The glass of the window itself is a triple-pane, argon insulated package that carries an R-Value of 9.09. Sometimes the numbers don't mean a lot to most people, so just to give you an idea as to how energy efficient they are, if it is a blizzard outside and you were to go touch the glass of your current windows, it's going to feel cold right?

Our windows actually stay within Three (3) degrees of the inside temperature of your home, even when it's zero degrees outside. Shop around. That will be hard to match!

Energy Armor stands behind an amazing Lifetime Warranty that is not pro-rated and is all-inclusive! What this means to you is that you never have to worry about anything with your windows ever again! Everything, and that is literally everything on the windows are covered 100% by Energy Armor from the screens to insulating performance to installation to glass breakage - everything!

Energy Armor evens has their own installers who do an incredible job! Every detail is important and it is actually unusual to NOT get an unprompted complimentary phone call after an install. They just do that great of a job and everybody loves the install crew!

Energy Armor makes it known they strive to make each and every person they do business with feel at home by providing excellent customer service and the best warranty in the business!