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The rigid vinyl extrusions utilized in manufacturing the main window/door frame, and sash panel frames are warranted against cracking, blistering, peeling, corroding or flaking and will not warp or rot under normal use and service for the duration of this Warranty.


Weather stripping and other manufactured components are warranted to include proper operation, as well as against defects in materials.


Insulating Glass units of the windows/doors are warranted against the development of material obstructions, dirt, films or moisture collections between the interior surfaces of the Insul Glass unit from the date of installation for the duration of this Warranty.


Insulating Glass units of the windows/doors are warranted against seal failure, including condensation or moisture between the panes of glass. This does not include normal fogging due to areas of extraordinarily high humidity in the interior of the house.


Installation accessories, installation labor, caulking or insulation utilized in the installation of window/door products, wood framing, wood trim and other accessories are warranted against defects or failure due to improper installation. The wood head, jambs and/or seat boards used in construction of bow/bay or garden windows are warranted from the date of manufacture against defects or failure due to improper installation.


The Glass Breakage Warranty is for the benefit of the original purchaser or present property owner, in the event of submitted transfer of Warranty notice. Energy Armor Windows & Doors LLC warrants to the property owner against accidental glass breakage for as long as the property owners shall own or reside in the home in which the products were installed, from the date of installation.

If glass breakage does occur under this Warranty, Energy Armor agrees to provide the replacement insulating glass units free of charge. This warranty is valid only as long as the windows are installed on the premises of original installation.


Assigned Property Owner will be entitled to transfer this Warranty, one time to the next homeowner at this same address. Energy Armor must be notified in writing of this permanent change within sixty (60) days of new owner acquisition of property.

This Warranty is considered 100% “All-Inclusive” regarding the quality of our window/door products, manufacturing and installation.

In the event that the home would incur structural failure of foundations, roofs or walls or building settlement after the windows have been installed; Energy Armor will make every attempt to help rectify any problems that would then relate to our products, however, said circumstance will not be covered under Warranty.

Energy Armor Windows and Doors, LLC. warrants that its premium vinyl welded windows and patio doors will be free from material and manufacturing defects, under normal use and service, for as long as you own and reside in your home, where such windows and patio doors are installed. If the windows and doors covered by this Warranty are defective, Energy Armor will repair or replace the defective part(s). Energy Armor will provide the repair or replacement part(s) to you free of charge; except as otherwise stated herein.